Ditch Witch of Houston, Houston, TX

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Ditch Witch of Houston
14565 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77090



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About Ditch Witch of Houston For Boring & Drilling Equipment in Texas

The First Ditch Witch Compact Trenching Machine History of Ditch Witch
The Company That Launched An Industry...
In the late 1940s, Ed Malzahn, a college graduate with an engineering degree, had the idea to build a small compact trenching machine that could replace the "pick and shovel" work involved with installing residential utility services. By 1949, Ed succeeded in producing a workable compact trencher and the first seeds of the worldwide Ditch Witch organization were planted. Since that time, Fortune magazine has twice named the Ditch Witch compact trencher "one of the 100 best American-made products in the world."

Modern Ditch Witch Equipment At Ditch Witch of Houston, an even greater honor is to have countless general contractors, phone companies, municipalities, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, homebuilders - and more, select us their resource for underground construction equipment. Ditch Witch of Houston is proud of our 40-year history of meeting the underground construction needs of the greater Houston, TX area such as Conroe, College Station and Beaumont. A family-owned dealership, we specialize in keeping you productive on your jobs through world class sales, Ditch Witch parts and service, training, equipment rental and leasing capabilities. In addition to our world class new trencher sales, vibratory plow, directional drill, mini skid steer loader, limb chippers, new boring machine and pipe bursting equipment we've expanded our inventory to also include Rayco stump grinders for sale, chippers, mulchers and Hammerhead Moles and Piercing tools. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how our equipment really is groundbreaking!

Ditch Witch of Houston
14565 North Freeway Houston TX 77090
Phone: (713) 462-8866 Fax: 713-462-3125
Toll Free Phone: (866) 650-5013

Ditch Witch Of Houston

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